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How Can Atrium Insurance Protect you with Umbrella Coverage

Ensuring that you and your family have the protection you need in the event of a calamity in the greater Centennial, CO area means discussing your entire insurance portfolio with an Atrium Insurance Group agent to see if an umbrella insurance policy is the right protection for you and your family.  Many people believe that a combination of their homeowner and auto insurance policies will protect them in the event of a disaster. Still, most insurance policies come with limits, and an umbrella insurance policy is designed to cover any lapse in coverage from your other policies.

How Can Umbrella Insurance Coverage Protect you in Centennial, CO?

When it comes to insurance policies and liability limitations, it is easy to assume that your existing home and automobile insurance will cover you in the event of a problem. Should your bills outstrip the coverage afforded solely by these two policy types however, you will be held personally liable for any cost beyond your coverage.

This is where umbrella insurance coverage comes into play.

An umbrella policy offers added protection when other policies exceed your base limits, but bills keep coming in after the insurer stops paying on your home or auto policy. Additionally, umbrella coverage can be used to cover unexpected, ancillary cost such as alternative housing, meals, and other expenses that would not have been incurred had an accident or disaster leave you unable to live in your current dwelling.

Contact Atrium Insurance Today to Discuss an Umbrella Policy

If you have questions about the amount of insurance you need to protect you and your family from uncovered liability owing to unexpected catastrophes, you need to reach out to our friendly, and knowledgeable team of agents here at Atrium Insurance Group. Let’s look to see whether an umbrella insurance policy will provide you with the level of protective coverage you need here in Centennial, CO.

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