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Is It Mandatory To Own Motorcycle Insurance?

For a person who loves activities that trigger an adrenaline rush, owning a motorcycle may be one of the things on their bucket list. Some of the thrilling activities involved with motorcycle riding may be fun, but may also pose potential dangers to the rider or the motorcycle itself.

While going on that riding excursion, you are unlikely to forget the basic protective gear. Atrium Insurance Group, however, brings you coverage that will protect you beyond your helmet. More than just your riding license, your motorcycle insurance is legally required in Centennial, CO.

These are some reasons why:

Loss or damage

Motorcycle insurance will cover any damage that may be caused during a collision. The cover will help with the fee that may be needed for the repair of the motorcycle. In the unfortunate event of theft, insurance will also finance the replacement of your motorcycle. Our motorcycle insurance will also help to cover any cost that may be needed for the repair of any property that may have been damaged by your motorcycle.


Sometimes, accidents may not only cause injury to the rider of the motorcycle but also to a pedestrian or an extra person on your motorcycle. In the event of an accident that has led to injury, the insurance will cover the medical care of the individual.

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Lack of motorcycle insurance may therefore pose a risk of potential suit. This may happen when for instance, you are unable to cater for the cost of damage that may have been caused on a pedestrian or another party’s property. If you are in the greater Centennial, CO region, Atrium Insurance Group will provide you with a tailored plan that will cover your motorcycle all year round. We will ensure that you enjoy your ride free from any liability!

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