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Details to Pay Attention to On Your Umbrella Insurance Policy

Have you been shopping for umbrella insurance but aren’t sure what to look for on your policy? We can help you manage that understandable confusion at Atrium Insurance Group. Our team can help Centennial, CO businesses understand their policy and its unique coverage and scope.

Liability Limits 

A high-quality umbrella insurance policy will extend your liability coverage beyond your initial policy, sometimes by extensive amounts. That can help you if you get into a lawsuit or if you have to pay for someone’s medical therapy or repair charges. However, even large umbrella policies have limits, as extensive as they might seem. As a result, you must pay attention to these levels to get the coverage you deserve.


Every insurance policy has multiple copays that affect your policy and its quality. For example, you have to pay not only your premium but any specific costs towards your liability. These may include a specific minimum payment you have to reach before your policy kicks into play. Thankfully, umbrella policies cover such a high amount of money that they’re more than worth buying.

Limitations on Coverage 

While an umbrella policy is an extensive and high-value addition to your liability, there are certain limitations to consider. For example, most won’t cover illegal or deliberate acts that might affect your liability. This may include purposefully damaging your facility to get paid. However, other limitations may consist of specific types of protected individuals, so read your coverage carefully.

Finding a Smart Policy

Our team at Atrium Insurance Group can help Centennial, CO, business owners find strong umbrella insurance policies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. With our help, you can work through your insurance purchasing process and get the policy that makes sense for your needs.

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