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Seasonal Motorhome Insurance

With the warmer months looming, it’s time to gear up for some joy rides in your motor home. But have you evaluated your insurance policy lately before you kick-start your adventure? At Atrium Insurance Group, we are dedicated to answering your insurance queries and making sure you and your motor home are adequately covered. We proudly serve Centennial, CO, and surrounding regions.

Understanding Seasonal Motorhome Insurance

Seasonal motorhome insurance is essential whether you use your motor home during peak season or off-season. Unlike standard policies, this particular insurance allows you to modify your coverage based on your motor home usage cycle. Both in-season and off-season periods entail varying coverage and costs, and the right policy ensures you don’t overpay during off-peak periods.

Coverage Options: What to Consider

Insurance regulations and coverage options can differ greatly from one state to another. It’s advisable to contact an expert to ensure that your motor home has the right coverage. Options to consider include liability insurance, comprehensive coverage, and seasonal coverage. These coverages can provide peace of mind while on the road with your motor home.

Are You Ready to Embark on an Adventure?

Are you geared up for the adventure of a lifetime? At Atrium Insurance Group, we support your wanderlust. We pledge to equip you with the coverage you need to explore Centennial, CO, and beyond confidently. When planning your next getaway, discussing your seasonal motorhome insurance options is a phone call away. Let our team ensure your motor home is fully protected so you can concentrate on creating unforgettable memories. Reach out to us today.

Roaming with Confidence: Your Guide to Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome insurance is not always as simple as it may look. There are a number of variables that have to be worked out before a final decision can be made. Without access to experienced companies like Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO, motorhome owners may experience more difficulties than necessary. That’s why we have prepared this handy guide that is sure to help motorists make sense of it all.

Travel Trailer Insurance

So you’ve purchased your motorhome and are zeroing in on a potential insurance policy. Everything seems to be taken care of, right? Not so fast! If you have a travel trailer, this is something that you will need to discuss with our professionals. If you want to make sure that your motorhome is covered even when it is not in motion, be sure to ask about the importance of travel trailer insurance.

Emergency Expenses

If you are planning on living in the motorhome full-time, this is another key area of discussion. If damages occur that cause you to have to vacate the motorhome for an extended period of time, you could left on the hook for all of them. Ask about policies that provide reimbursement in these instances.

Storage Concerns

This is another area that is commonly forgotten. What happens if the motorhome experiences any damage while it is in storage? This aspect of a policy is especially important to anyone who is going to be storing their motorhome for any extended period.

Schedule A Consultation Today

Do you have any additional questions or concerns that need to be addressed? If so, take a moment to speak with the professionals at Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO. Our team takes pride in aligning our clientele with the best policies for their needs. Give us a call or stop by as soon as you would like to learn more!

Top 3 Safety Risks for Your Motorhome

Traveling or living in a motorhome provides a great sense of freedom. There are, however, safety risks that you should be aware of. At Atrium Insurance Group, we provide insurance services and advice to residents of Centennial, CO and the surrounding areas. 

Here are the top 3 safety risks for your motorhome:


Like with any home, motorhomes can also have fire risks. It is important to make sure you are always using the best safety practices when cooking or heating up anything in your motorhome. You should also make sure that all wiring is in good working shape as well. 


Motorhomes are often easier to break into than regular houses. This is why you need to stay on top of your security efforts in your motorhome. Security systems for motorhomes are a great way to cut down on the risks of burglary and ensure that you and your family are always safe when staying in the motorhome. 


Accidents are always a possibility when you are traveling in your motorhome. Be sure that you or anyone who drives the motorhome understands how to operate the vehicle safely. It is a good idea to take a motorhome safety class to ensure that drivers are well aware of the special driving requirements to operate the vehicle in different types of situations. 

You should also never drive when you are tired, intoxicated, or in any way distracted from full attention. This puts you and all passengers at unnecessary risk. 

We Are Here To Help!

If you would like to learn about motorhome insurance, please contact us at Atrium Insurance Group serving Centennial, CO and the surrounding areas. 

Important Tips When Looking for Motor Home Insurance in Colorado

A motor home or RV is significantly different from a traditional car, which is why it has its class of insurance. This insurance offers additional coverage to ensure having a motor home in Centennial, CO is the exciting experience it is meant to be.

Here is a guide to help you insure your RV so you can hit the open road safely. Atrium Insurance Group can help you navigate important coverage for your vehicle. 

What Kind of Motor Home Insurance Is Required in Colorado?

In Colorado, RV owners are required to have at least liability insurance coverage. This insurance should cover the costs that result from third-party property damage or injuries caused to other people during RV use. You are allowed to add your RV to your auto insurance policy, but you will not have sufficient coverage. For instance, should your RV catch fire as you are cooking, auto insurance will not cover the cost of repairs.

The right level of coverage will vary depending on the size and type of motorhome you have and how you use it. Are you a road veteran or a holiday camper, and what additional items do you have in it (antenna, awnings)? A class B RV insurance is the best option if your motorhome is fully outfitted. It will cover everything, from an accident to the risks of vandalism and theft.

Different insurance companies define motor homes differently. Some will classify a van with sleeping and cooking amenities as a camper, while others will require that it has running water, power, and a toilet for it to be classified as a motor home.

Contact Us Today

Motorhome insurance is a valuable asset for helping you enjoy your road adventures. Give us a call at Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO to learn more about this coverage and available options.

Basic Motorhome Insurance Facts To Learn About

Atrium Insurance Group serves the Centennial, CO community and the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients find policies that align with their individual needs. We recognize that every client has a different situation. We help our clients find custom policies to protect them in every situation.

Basic Motorhome Insurance Facts To Learn About

Many Centennial, CO residents enjoy traveling around the city in their motorhomes. Perhaps you are planning your next adventure. Motorhome insurance gives you a safety net as you explore the region. Motorhome insurance covers you if the vehicle is damaged in a collision with another object. If you are planning to go camping, comprehensive coverage is recommended. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your motorhome is vandalized or stolen. All of your personal items inside the motorhome are covered if something happens. Comprehensive coverage also covers your motorhome against possible damages due to severe weather or an accidental fire. You are also covered if your motorhome suffers damage due to an impact with a deer or another type of large animal. Liability coverage is another significant part of your policy. You are covered if your motorhome causes property damage or accidentally injures someone. If you have passengers traveling with you, liability coverage protects you if they suffer an injury.  

You have the option to amend your policy and add emergency coverage. Perhaps you are traveling out of the state, and your engine starts having trouble. You will receive urgent roadside assistance, including towing service if necessary. If you aren’t planning to use your motorhome for a few months, adding storage coverage ensures that it will be protected if a disaster occurs.

Atrium Insurance Group Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Contact our office to learn more information about motorhome insurance.

3 Reasons Why You Need Motor Home Insurance

At Atrium Insurance Group, we can provide high-quality motor home insurance policies that will keep your vehicle safe and in great shape. However, we’ve found many in the Centennial, CO area don’t think they need a policy. Here’s why we feel that you and other motor home owners do need a great insurance policy.

Damage Protection 

When your motor home gets damaged by nature or any other types of problems, you’ll need a high-quality insurance policy to minimize your financial investment. Otherwise, you may have to pay for everything out of pocket. Policies also help to replace your motor home if it is totaled at any time, such as if your RV burns down and you’re not liable.

Liability Coverage 

If anybody gets injured while you’re moving your motor home (or is hurt inside of it), you may need liability coverage to help yourself out. This option will pay for medical expenses and even lawsuit expenses, depending on the range of the damage and much more. Make sure to talk to your agent about this insurance to get the best possibilities.

Full-Timer Help 

Do you plan on living in your motor home full time, or do you already live there as your primary residence? Then, you might want full-timer motor home insurance. Getting this option treats your RV as a home and covers many elements that other insurance policies do not.

Do You Want Insurance? 

If you’re concerned about your motor home and want to make sure that things go smoothly for your needs, it is a good idea to reach out to us at Atrium Insurance Group right away to learn more. We serve Centennial, CO and the surrounding area and will do what we can to help your motorhome stay safe.

Factors to Consider When Taking Out Motorhome Insurance

As a Centennial, CO, you don’t need to buy your motorhome insurance without making sure that everything necessary has been analyzed. Remember that a motorhome is your tour or vacation vehicle, which means that there are some important factors that you need to consider before making the purchase. As a leading motorhome insurance provider, Atrium Insurance Group offers some important tips when deciding to buy motorhome insurance. 

Consider Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Traditionally, most motorhome owners will go for liability coverage and leave everything else out. This is a dangerous situation as it can easily lead to significant financial challenges, especially if you’re involved in accidents. Liability insurance does not cater to some aspects, such as collisions. Having comprehensive and collision coverage means you will have peace of mind because your insurance provider will cover all the possible liability expenses. 

Consider Full-Time Liability Coverage

In most cases, motorhomes will attract insurance policies that are similar to those of the car. However, if you plan to live in your RV in the long-run, you need to consider full-time liability coverage. This means that your insurance will be extended to cover similar aspects as those covered in home insurance. Issues such as fire, theft, and other uncertainties will be considered in full-time liability coverage. 

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Living in your motorhome comes with additional risks and uncertainties. There is a higher chance that your RV will break down while driving on the streets, which could cause some serious problems. Having roadside assistance means you can contact your insurance provider, and everything will be solved in a matter of minutes. 

Some additional motorhome insurance policies are not legally required in Centennial, CO. Atrium Insurance Group is focused on giving you additional insurance coverage that will protect your home while on the streets. Contact our office to get started with a quote.

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