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4 Advantages of Umbrella Insurance

Everybody knows how crucial it is to have liability insurance in place in case of an unfortunate event. And that’s why most people have liability coverage in their auto, business, home, or boat insurance. However, the maximum liability coverage offered by these policies may not be enough to cover costly lawsuits or specific injuries. In light of this, you need to invest in umbrella insurance.

Umbrella insurance is that additional liability policy that kicks in when your other coverages get exhausted. Purchasing umbrella insurance from Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO comes with a host of benefits, including.

Asset protection

The main aim of purchasing umbrella insurance is to protect your assets in major calamities like lawsuits. The more assets you possess, the more you need umbrella insurance. Not only do businesses get sued for thousands of dollars, but individuals too are vulnerable to lawsuits. Luckily, with umbrella insurance, your assets are safe. 

Provides additional coverage

Like mentioned, umbrella insurance comes in handy when other insurance coverages get depleted. Additionally, it covers occurrences that your other liability policies don’t have, such as libel, slander, wrongful arrest, and defamation.

It gives peace of mind

Like any other insurance coverage, umbrella insurance instills that peace of mind from the additional security it offers. With umbrella insurance, you don’t have to live on the edge wondering if your assets are safe.

It’s affordable

The fact that umbrella insurance kicks in when other policies get depleted makes it significantly affordable. For example, for $1M liability coverage, it will cost you a fraction of the price you pay for your home or auto insurance coverage.

Umbrella insurance in Centennial, CO

Don’t wait until your assets are at risk. Secure them today! All you have to do is buy umbrella insurance from Atrium Insurance Group.  If you are in Centennial, CO, and its surroundings, please contact us today for an affordable quote.

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