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Renters Insurance Is a Simple Way To Protect Your Assets.

Are you a renter? There are many conveniences that go along with renting including less stress about home repairs, yard work, and general property upkeep or damage. There are some things you should still worry about though. Atrium Insurance Group serves Centennial, CO and the surrounding regions with insurance services, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about renters insurance. 

Renters Insurance Protects You Where Your Landlords Policy May Leave Off

If something happens to the building your apartment is in, or to the structure of your apartment then clearly that falls on your landlord to repair, and hopefully, they have their end fully insured. If something happens within your rental home or apartment that is structural such as a natural disaster, busted pipe, or limb through the first floor then that also likely falls on your landlord’s shoulders to repair.

However, the items inside the rental that actually belong to you are your assets to protect. So if there is a disaster and the apartment burns down or is destroyed your landlord’s policy will likely cover a motel rental but the liability of each of your items will fall on you and your own insurance policy. Renter’s insurance is for the items you have within your rental space. If you are burglarized or a friend is injured within your apartment your renter’s insurance policy may protect you and your valuable assets. 

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Contact us at Atrium Insurance Group if you have any questions or are ready to purchase renter’s insurance. We serve the community of Centennial, CO with quality insurance services. 

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