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Protect Yourself Against Motorcycle Theft

With its open roads, scenic mountains, and big, blue sky, Colorado has gained quite a reputation among motorcyclists. It’s no wonder that so many residents in Centennial, CO and surrounding communities have embraced the motorcycle lifestyle—but Colorado also ranks 8th highest in motorcycle thefts per year. On average, across the United States, a bike gets stolen every 11 minutes! This not only affects the finances of motorcycle owners directly but also increases insurance premiums for the entire community. 

At Atrium Insurance Group, we work hard to protect our motorcycle enthusiasts and encourage safety on the road. That includes safety from theft. Use these tips to prevent motorcycle theft: 

Top Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

The best way to keep your bike from being stolen is to remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Here are some specific ways to protect your motorcycle:

  • Lock Your Ignition. The vast majority of motorcycle thefts occur when the ignition is off but not locked. Get in the habit of fully locking your ignition, even if you’re just running into the gas station for a minute. 
  • Lock Your Forks or Disc Brakes.  Brightly colored disc brake locks can deter a theft before it starts. And they’re inexpensive, too! 
  • Lock Bikes Together. If you’re traveling in a group, corralling your bikes and using a large motorcycle chain lock will give everyone added protection against theft. 
  • Lock Bike to a Secure, Stationary Object. If you’re traveling alone, lock your bike to a secure object that can’t be easily dismantled, like a light pole. 
  • Add an Alarm. Many disc brake locks not only immobilize your bike but also include an alarm that’s triggered immediately at any detection of shock or vibration. Most can be found for under $50, making them a great investment. 
  • Park Close to Your Room or a Camera. If you’re traveling overnight and your lodging doesn’t have a garage or motorcycle cage available, be sure to park in view of an outdoor security camera and/or your window.
  • Customize Your Bike (and Take Photographs). Aftermarket upgrades do more than show off your unique style. They can also protect you and make it more likely your bike is recovered in the event of a theft. Make a few customizations (or even a mark that only you know about) and then take pictures. 
  • Keep Your Papers on You. Finally, never leave important papers such as your title, motorcycle registration, or insurance card in your storage compartment or saddlebag. This makes it easy on the thieves and difficult for you to prove ownership. Instead, keep your title in a file cabinet or safe box, and keep vehicle papers on your person when you ride. 

By taking a few simple and inexpensive precautions, you can help prevent motorcycle theft and save yourself a lot of potential headaches and heartache. Of course, no matter how careful we are, sometimes theft happens anyway. In these cases, it’s good for Centennial, CO riders to have an agency like the Atrium Insurance Group by their side. Contact us today to learn how we can protect you from accidents, motorcycle theft, and more. 

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