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What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Motorcycle insurance covers the expense of replacing or repairing your motorcycle in the case of an accident. It also covers medical bills resulting from an accident, as well as costs associated with a legal defense if you are charged with a crime due to an accident. 

Most policies also offer some level of liability coverage, which will help cover the costs associated with injuries or other damages incurred by others due to an accident. Consult with our agents at Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO for expert insurance advice.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: What You Need To Know 

Motorcycle insurance does not cover any damages to your bike if it is stolen. It also does not cover the value of any stolen items that were in your bike. Most insurance companies require that you have liability coverage. In the case of a collision, this shields the safety of the other drivers. It also has a minimum amount of coverage you must have for your bike. 

Motorcycle insurance can cover a variety of things, including liability, medical coverage, physical damage, and rider profile. Most policies have a limit on the amount of coverage available for a single incident, so it’s important to read your policy and know what the limits of your coverage are. 

However, many policies will not cover any accidents that happen while the policyholder is intoxicated. Almost all policies will not cover intentional acts. This means that if you cause an accident on purpose or maliciously, you won’t be covered by your policy. 

If you leave your motorcycle and cause an accident, your policy will not cover that accident. Most policies will also offer some degree of coverage for personal assets that you keep on the motorcycle, like saddlebags or a travel trunk. 

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Motorcycle insurance is designed to protect you, the rider, and other motorists if you are involved in an accident. Atrium Insurance Group in Centennial, CO is here to provide you with expert insurance advice.

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