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I Rented an RV. Now What?

So you think the RV life might be fun, but only for a short vacation. You can always rent an RV, go on a little out-of-town adventure, and skip the trouble of finding a hotel room. However, you may want to seriously think about getting rental insurance on your temporary RV, just in case. In fact, you may have to. Atrium Insurance Group serving the Centennial, CO metroplex is here to assist. 

It’s the Law

If it has a steering wheel and a motor, every state that mandates private passenger car insurance will require you to get an RV insured, even if temporarily. That means Colorado where a policy is required to include bodily injury and property damage coverage; also known as liability insurance. When it’s legally required, that makes a decision whether to get something rather easy! 

Requirements for RV Insurance

Many companies won’t rent an RV to someone under 25, so maybe save this adventure for later in life. And what exactly is your driving record? That will have a big impact on your insurance premiums. Now take a good assessment of the RV itself. How old is it? What class and size is it? What is the overall value of this RV? All of this and more will affect the kind of insurance you need. Assess your personal needs as well. Standard RV coverage will cover comprehensive, collision, personal property, medical, liability, and uninsured motorists. If you go for optional RV coverage, you may get coverage for roadside assistance, personal attachments and/or full replacement costs. 

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Colorful Colorado is home to magnificent mountains and rustic rivers, the perfect place for an RV vacation. Atrium Insurance Group serves the greater Centennial, CO community and we are committed to giving you quality customer service. 

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